raonic challenge
We made “Raonitchi Challenge” game for the New Balance booth at the exhibition that was held between September 27 to October 5, 2014, during “Rakuten Japan Open 2014″.
Raonitchi the name pronounced in Japanese is for Milos Raonic who is known as the world’s fastest tennis server.

“Raonitchi Challenge” game content was to return the ball to Raonitchi Lobo on the screen that he hits one after another, all you need to get a high score is to hit back with good timing, with some surprises of bomb ball that will make all you points vanish! What a challenge, right ?

Test your physical strength and your quick moves to hit back,it’s really a perfect game content to athletes. ※ to check The official release of the Corporation New Balance Japan please go here .

Note: This game is available in the future events, please check it out when it’s at your area, go sporty! Go athletic !

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The Creators 2014

The Creators, is an entertainment event aim to send climax of the creative industry and incorporated image, music, etc in Fukuoka.

The event held in Tenjin in Fukuoka, our company was featured on a grand scale under the name of “work cooperation” on the night October 10, 2014.

Usual “transformation” & “action” contents were showed with a large-sized LED vision in order to delight the visitor who gathered at the event place early that day.
The camera went around capturing visitors faces and reflecting there smiles on the screen.

The first part was with FUKUOKA IDOL PICK : LinQ, HR, and QunQun. After the great experience with SMAP’s concert and the live of TRF also won popularity, we were asked to present our real time image production for the idol groups performance.

The preforming idols were comfort that they didn’t need to put on any special equipment to detect their motion in order to show some effects on the screen, all they had to do is sing and dance as they always used to, and our stuff played their magic to spice up the event.
According to a dance, hearts come out from the body, or an idol shines, literally!
前2-2 前1-2

LinQ3 HR-2 QUN-2 REV-2

The voice performance of Mr. Human Beatboxer Daichi’s highlight is followed by N.Shunsuke’s
Performance of “the new generation musical instrument KAGURA” awarded the world’s No.1.


YouTube Preview Image


although we are familiar with the demonstrations, it was different this time with such a big screen, Mr. Daichi’s performance was great ! Both he and Shunsuke had a pleasant collaboration performance that satisfied the visitors and entertain everyone was in the place!

Thanks to the wonderful Daichi and his fantastic performance, thanks to all the audience and visitors, big thanks to All who support our work and encourage such creative and delightful events.
Thank you very much, stay tuned for more and more !


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The exhibition of SHIKUMI DESIGN in CANAL CITY


At canal city Hakata SHIKUMI DESIGN had an exhibition at two of the open spaces there. The exhibition was a part of “Focus on Asia : Fukuoka International Film Festival 2014″.
The open spaces location were at the 1F & 2F in city Hakata south building.
The first location exhibit content was detecting face and motion. The content was set to change by a definite period of time.
Kids, adults were moving waving, laughing, after seeing them selves on the screen, the area was full of people who wanted to try the contents.
The other exhibition was in a shape of a hexagon, A total set of six monitors have been arranged to each side, special permission of third-party clients was obtained, our so far designed digital signage and games were exhibited and tried by the shoppers of all ages and many nationalities at Canal city.
The space was full of laughs that gather more and more visitors, the hexagon shaped display allowed more people to participate at the same time with different contents at the same time.

Thanks to Canal city for the great opportunity and wonderful experience ! And thanks to our clients, And big thanks to all of the participants, We are looking forward to have Shikumi design caravan all over Japan, and more!

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The “paintone” Release Event in Apple Store Ginza


At Apple Store Ginza our iOS app paintone releasing event was held on August 19th.
The well known Mr. DJ KOO was the guest of the event, and N.Shunsuke was the representative.
The audiences were from a wide range of age, and some were familiar with our application and some were totally new, after the demonstration and trying it we received a warm complements and comments, such as ( I wish there was such a tool when my kids were younger) and things like ( it so simple and easy, with clear sound) , and more that we were thrilled to hear.
The presentation pointed to the real creativity in each child, and how somewhere on the road of growing the creativity get lost in forming the perfect child to fit the surrounding, forgetting the important part that originality plays in our modern world.
Paintone allow it all, to let your children creativity grows more and more with them, and of course it will be a new tool for you as well to get created and bring some joy around.
To download paintone please go here



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“Dinner at the King table” in Picture Book Museum 2014

At “Museum 2014 picture book! Come Over here” We had the opportunity to participate in two sections at the digital content exhibition.
The first section was based on the famous picture book by Uemura Tarou ( the little king) , where the little king and the big queen with there many children are sitting for a royal dinner.
The content allow children to have a digital dinner experience, where they can catch food in plates on the table, everyone want to try it all!
Check the video to see the new style of a royal dinner!

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Panasonic Beauty Mi-ta-me Up Digital Signage


In four large stores of electronics retailer in the Shinjuku, a promotional event of Mi-ta-me Up series of Panasonic Beauty was held in three days in April 18 to 20.
And conducted a content that would be Mi-ta-me Up cute in this event! “Cute, followed by” The concept of this series. When it detects a face standing in front of the screen, transformation products of Panasonic will come out along with the sparkling sound! The transformation includes Cute Mi-ta-me Up eyes sparkling, hair style, hair accessories, in various patterns! Seriously, cute, followed will happen by just standing in front of the screen! A short hair, a difficult to make rolling long hair are all available!

Of course, men as well as women ….
Men also can try and experience what they might be embarrassed to do in the real life, but here everything is possible! With a wide big smile ! Try it man !



Mitame Up3

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お台場合衆国2013 ワンピース
In late July 2013, our team took a place in Fuji TV summer festival, the visitors can become any character of the worldwide known animation ONE PEICE. This interact involves moving, to win the game players need to do lots and lots of kicking, boxing. The more you move the closer you’ll be to winning!

ワンピース スマイリー

ワンピース モネ、ヴェルゴ、シーザー

ワンピース シーザークラウン


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MBS Chayamachi can can

The visitors of MBS TV station in Osaka had fun entertainment at the booth of the new launched program MAGICAL RESTAURANT. People of all ages found it interesting to stand in front of the screen and have a new funny face or head.

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Kawasaki Azalea Xmas 2010


At the entrance of Kawasaki Azalea underground shopping center, the information corner turned into a big gift box with a screen, our content was to transform people faces into Santa, many many santas popping around, with other winter symbols of winter and xmas.
To know more about that fun, Please check the video below.

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This event took place in 5 cities in Japan, Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka and Sapporo. The contents we made for this event was a game that needed moving a lot, each time you clear a stage you get more transforming items, final stage you can get your printed photo! please check the video and the images.





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Okawari kabuto

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What is more fun than making your own cool Japanese samurai’s helmet ( Kabuto ) ! This content was displayed at Fukuoka City Museum for “The world of Kuroda Nagamasa”.
Please check the video and see how cool helmets can be!


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