NICT Entrepreneurs’ Challenge

“Entrepreneur Expo”, is an event that announced a new business (products and services), ICT venture, business matching, business alliances and financing, market expansion and staffing across the country.
After getting the FBDC prize at “NICT Award” in last February we had the opportunity to represent Kyushu district this March at “Entrepreneur Expo”.

Shunsuke present and played “KAGURA for PerC” as usual. The audience reaction was more than satisfying for us, not only they liked it, but also they voted for our contents, and yes! We won the “Audience Award”! We got almost half of the audience votes ! Thank you all !

For more info about this event please check the report about it at NICT organizers site here (only Japanese).

At this stage we are thinking of giving everyone the opportunities to play and enjoy KAGURA for PerC. Please keep on going with us, we are working on these developments !




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