The exhibition of SHIKUMI DESIGN in CANAL CITY


At canal city Hakata SHIKUMI DESIGN had an exhibition at two of the open spaces there. The exhibition was a part of “Focus on Asia : Fukuoka International Film Festival 2014″.
The open spaces location were at the 1F & 2F in city Hakata south building.
The first location exhibit content was detecting face and motion. The content was set to change by a definite period of time.
Kids, adults were moving waving, laughing, after seeing them selves on the screen, the area was full of people who wanted to try the contents.
The other exhibition was in a shape of a hexagon, A total set of six monitors have been arranged to each side, special permission of third-party clients was obtained, our so far designed digital signage and games were exhibited and tried by the shoppers of all ages and many nationalities at Canal city.
The space was full of laughs that gather more and more visitors, the hexagon shaped display allowed more people to participate at the same time with different contents at the same time.

Thanks to Canal city for the great opportunity and wonderful experience ! And thanks to our clients, And big thanks to all of the participants, We are looking forward to have Shikumi design caravan all over Japan, and more!

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