raonic challenge
We made “Raonitchi Challenge” game for the New Balance booth at the exhibition that was held between September 27 to October 5, 2014, during “Rakuten Japan Open 2014″.
Raonitchi the name pronounced in Japanese is for Milos Raonic who is known as the world’s fastest tennis server.

“Raonitchi Challenge” game content was to return the ball to Raonitchi Lobo on the screen that he hits one after another, all you need to get a high score is to hit back with good timing, with some surprises of bomb ball that will make all you points vanish! What a challenge, right ?

Test your physical strength and your quick moves to hit back,it’s really a perfect game content to athletes. ※ to check The official release of the Corporation New Balance Japan please go here .

Note: This game is available in the future events, please check it out when it’s at your area, go sporty! Go athletic !

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JAL Marshaller System in Kandu


Our System was displayed at Kandu ( AEON MALL – Tokyo ) where kids can have many fun experiences.
At JAL corner, kids can experience digitally being Marshallers where they can interact and learn a lot about this important job at any airport.
Kids will get ready first by wearing all the usual equipment of a marshaller like reflecting safety vest, a helmet, gloves and paddles. Then they take the right position in front the screen, and here the fun starts!
Sensors in the paddles will transfer hands movements into the screen, so kids can give signals to the pilot at the cockpit, to keep turning, slow down, stop, and shut down engines, leading the airplane to its parking stand. As any marshaller they need to control carefully the movements of the plane. no mistakes allowed!
Please check the images or get into the fun itself by visiting Kandu !



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お台場合衆国2013 ワンピース
In late July 2013, our team took a place in Fuji TV summer festival, the visitors can become any character of the worldwide known animation ONE PEICE. This interact involves moving, to win the game players need to do lots and lots of kicking, boxing. The more you move the closer you’ll be to winning!

ワンピース スマイリー

ワンピース モネ、ヴェルゴ、シーザー

ワンピース シーザークラウン


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Sanrio new contents in Skytree

At J:COM wonder studio inside Tokyo Skytree, this interactive game of the cute characters of Sanrio needed real moving to get points.

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This event took place in 5 cities in Japan, Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka and Sapporo. The contents we made for this event was a game that needed moving a lot, each time you clear a stage you get more transforming items, final stage you can get your printed photo! please check the video and the images.





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