In November 2014, in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture a large-scale commercial facility “Kosugi GranTree Musashi” was opened, that is were one of our interactive content was established to be enjoyed in a large vision.

At the fourth floor where there are many shops and food court for children and family, at the same are there is a multi-purpose space “Smile Square” where you can take off your shoes and relax. At that space a very large vision was installed, and it contain three types of interactive contents, each one has a ” Hit ” in it.


■ in the forest
To match the image of GranTree = Taiki, place the trees in the screen.
Touching falling leaves (motion detection), the “Hit” is a falling caterpillar that turns into a butterfly after touching it.


■ Playing with fish
As if everyone is a diver in a deep sea many bubbles bubble around by moving in front of the screen, Fish around are swimming away if you try to touch them. The “Hit” is when a whale and a killer whale appear.


■ balloon split
Here the screen is full of fluffy drifting balloons, if you touch it and it breaks then many leaves will be falling around. The “Hit” is a golden heart that flew like a balloon, but it can not be broken that easy! If you were lucky the many hearts will flow around.

We had a visit to the facility after the opening, it was crowded with parents and children even in weekdays! It was such a nice warm place to let the kids jump around trying their best to get Hits!

If you had the chance please pass by and try to get it as well



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